UR Group

Your Gate to the Iraqi Traditional Music

In 2007, Ms. Ghada al-Mekdisy, a member of IAA, Iraqi Artists Association, approached a few well-known Iraqi musicians to establish a traditional music group that would connect Iraqi-Americans and familiarize other Americans with the deep-rooted Iraqi music, which goes back more than 7000 years and is part of the ancient Mesopotamian heritage.

The group that was established recently includes: Ms. Ghada al-Mekdisy (ud-lute player), Alaa al-Shakarchi (qanoon-zither player), Thamin Jabiro (violinist), Ghassan Hami (drummer), and Basam Naem (singer & vocalist). The group has lately included Raeed Hanna (guitarist), who allows the group to perform a variety of mixed Folkloric-Modern Iraqi songs.

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