Weam Namou-Yatooma (writer/producer/director)

Namou was born in Baghdad, Iraq as a minority Christian and came to America at age ten. The author of three novels, The Feminine Art, The Mismatched Braid and The Flavor of Cultures, she studied poetry in Prague and screenwriting at MPI (Motion Picture Institute of Michigan). Her poetry and articles have appeared in national and international publications. She is the co-founder and president of IAA (Iraqi Artists Association), and she writes for various local newspapers.

Namou has written several feature scripts, including “Green Card Wedding” which is currently in pre-production, and in 2009, produced and directed a feature documentary called “Living Tribal in a Democracy.” She is also working on "The Great American Family," a feature documentary which is in post-production. She has been interviewed by over 100 nationwide radio stations, and she has given poetry readings and speeches for a number of educational institutions, including universities, and cultural organizations. In March 2009, she was even invited by the U.S. Army to attend a tour of their Fort Jackson base in South Carolina.


Amer Hanna Fatuhi

* Master's Degree Candidate, M.F.A. Studied visual art academically at the Free Studio UT 1975-1978 Continued academically researching the Mesopotamian History at the Iraqi Museum, Cuneiform Laboratory 1978-1979 and practicing Visual Arts at College of Fine Arts / painting 1979-1983 High Center of Fine Arts and Heritage/ Major in Mesopotamian Arts and History 1979-1981 He has also majored in Aeronautic Engineering, University of Technology 1978
* Many collective art exhibits in homeland & abroad since 1978
* Four Solo Show (Hard Time 1981), (Home of Madness 1985), (The Chamber 1992), (Looking For Another Paradise 1994)
* Two-man exhibition (Siege) with Burhan Saleh Kirkukly, The Modern Arts Museum- Baghdad 1992
* Many Awards and Certificates of Appreciation
* Founder of OFOQ / Horizon Art Group 1986 & ICA art Org. 1999
* Designer of many well known Emblems, Logos & flags among them the international Chaldean Flag 1985 (www.chaldeanflag.com) and The National Iraqi Flag 1986/2004
* Art Director, Dimensions Art Gallery, US 1999-2000
* Head of the Visual arts & Designing Department, Funoon (Arts) Magazine, Baghdad-Iraq Sept.1981- May 1984
* Founder of the (National Chaldean Museum of Babylonia) Detroit, USA 2002 / Babylon Museum 2006.
* Member of ArtServe Michigan USA
* Member of International Professional Association of Professional Artists (iaa) Paris 1986
* Member of International Chaldean Association of Professional Visual Artists / ICA-USA
* Member of Iraqi Writers Union, Art Critic & Historian 1984
* Member of Iraqi Visual Artists Society 1978
* Member of Chaldean / Syriac Artists Society 1976
* President of Chaldean Cultural Center of America www.chaldean4u.org
* Currently, Senior Art Director, Mesopotamia "Learning Studio & Art Gallery", US 05- Present www.amerfatuhiart.com