Over the past decade, after continuous R&D and production, Compomax has accumulated rich experience and deep professional knowledge, and also mastered a large number of core technologies. We assure the excellent of each ceramic piece by putting profession

Company Advantages

  • Ceramic production capacity

    There are over 300 sets of ceramic professional equipments, 3 lines of 50-meter high temperature pushed slab kilns in our 10000 square meters production workshop. Our goods have been exported to Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other oversea markets. We assure the excellence of each ceramic piece by putting professional and careful effort into every production stage, from designing, developing, molding and green.
  • Material advantage

    Zirconia ceramic is the most hardness precision ceramic material, which is highly used to industrial parts and cutters. It has the feature of resistance of high impact, excellent wear, high temperature, oxidation, insulation and also anti-corrosion, never rust, and other excellent performance. Single-crystal zirconia is also prized as a jewel, as its refractive index creates a diamond like brightness.
  • Precision advantage

    According to customer drawings and samples to provide the best industrial ceramic solutions.
  • Solution Advantage

    Customized products according to customer drawings and samples can also provide you with the best industrial ceramic solutions.

    The products are tested in strict accordance with the quality and physique ISO certification standards, and the process control from powder to the finished product and terminal control ensure that the products delivered are all fine products.
  • Quality advantage

    Strictly control the production process in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system. Compomax uses different types of inspection instruments to test the quality of products in order to meet the requirement of customers’ quality standard.