The market development prospect of zirconia ceramics


Perhaps the hottest material in the field of mobile phones this year is zirconia ceramics. Why is zirconia ceramics so hot this year?
Perhaps the hottest material in the field of mobile phones this year is zirconia ceramics. Why is zirconia ceramics so hot this year? The upsurge in the entire industry chain has completely obscured the heat of glass and metal. So what is the market development prospect of zirconia ceramics? From the current point of view, the market prospect of zirconia ceramics is very good.

First, with the influence of the 5G era and wireless charging, the metal back covers used in mobile phones are no longer suitable for use in mobile phones because of their obvious signal shielding effect. Therefore, non-metallic materials such as glass and ceramics are on the rise. It has better functions than glass, and the shopping mall is not full, and there is still huge space for development.

The second is that compared with the glass industry, the ceramic industry chain is longer. From powder to the final product, there are many intermediate processes and complicated processes. It involves many companies in the industrial chain, which means that ceramic materials have driven a large number of ceramic-related companies. The influence of the development of the glass is far beyond the reach of glass. Therefore, it can be said that there is more power on the back of the ceramic to advance, and naturally it will become hot.

Ceramics has significantly increased its investment enthusiasm this year, and in addition to ceramic-related manufacturers, terminal mobile phone manufacturers have also contributed to the advancement this year, especially Xiaomi. According to the author’s calculations, when Xiaomi’s mobile phones are released this year, there will always be a ceramic version of the new phones that take the road of high-end shopping malls, such as Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi Mix 2.

In the next year, in addition to Xiaomi will continue to use ceramic fuselages, according to industry sources, other manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO, and Hammer will also begin to use ceramic fuselages on related high-end models. Ceramics will be further spread in the next year.

In fact, ceramics have good texture and functions, which are ideal materials for the back cover of mobile phones. However, the firing cycle of the back cover of ceramics is now long, and the processing technology of precision ceramics is still very difficult. Therefore, the lack of ceramic production capacity is the key to affecting its penetration. factor. Therefore, now mobile phone manufacturers can only choose ceramic back covers for high-end mobile phones.

Therefore, ceramics will still exist as a competition for mobile phone back cover differentiation. Together with the gradual disappearance of metal materials, glass will become the next mainstream material for smartphones. However, the huge industrial chain driven by ceramics will also give ceramics unlimited development potential.

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